Saturday, April 7, 2012

Goodbye Blogger

Please, don't cry. There, there.

Dear followers of my blog,

I've switched to WordPress. It's not even with a heavy heart that I tell you this.

There are a number of different reasons for making the switch. I guess the main one is that I like the look and feel and editor for WordPress a lot better. I also have more control over the interface, my own domain-name, better visibility, etc.

Furthermore, I'm finally growing a little wary of the Google. It's taken me longer than some others to have these faint stirrings of unease, but, well, I have them now. This piece provides a short list of reasons for WordPress's superiority over Blogger. I have to say, this one is probably what swung the linchpin for me:

4. Blogger can shut down your blog on a whim. I personally have witnessed at least three bloggers get their blogs shut down because Blogger marked them as a spam blog. It was a painful and long process for their blogs to be restored.

Hmmm. I don't like that. Bess Weatherby says that WordPress is "the dark side of blogging"; she's been doing this for longer than I have, and she's got a jillion followers, so her cautioning should not be taken lightly. But it also comes from a person whose blog would likely never be flagged as a spam blog by the Google to a person whose blog...well...whose blog is this blog. Heh. As an aside, I highly encourage you to follow her blog. See, I'm not in full-fledged tinfoil hat conspiracy-theorist panic-mode about all things Google. I mean, I have friends who are. But I'm not quite there. So you can safely follow Bess's blog. No one will kill you...

OK. Someone might kill you. I have no idea. But it doesn't seem likely that someone from Google will kill you in connection with your subscription to Bess's blog.

But I digress.

WordPress is more secure and its interface is trimmer. And at any rate, it's where I'm going. I would love it if you continued to follow my work over at the new site: There is an option for email subscription right at the top. For those of you who prefer RSS, there's an option for that, too.

I have no plans to delete this blog, so...don't worry?

I didn't think anyone was worrying. I just wanted to say that.