Saturday, August 20, 2011

Luther on worldly wisdom

I found this on the blog of a Reformed fellow which I have recently enjoyed reading. Among other reasons, the author of this blog is clever for nabbing the URL "" Nice.

The quotation:

“If it were a matter of harmonizing [faith and reason], then we wouldn’t keep a single article of faith. My dear fellow! If God is almighty, how can one make sense out of the fact that he doesn’t punish evil, but rather lets it happen? Either he mustn’t be able to punish and resist every evil, or he mustn’t want to do it. If he doesn’t want to punish it, then surely he’s a rogue; but if he cannot punish it, then he’s not almighty as God ought to be. And now make sense out of this: the highest Wisdom behaves as if it were ignorance, and the highest Might as if it were impotent. You won’t find even a Turk who could make sense out of that! And this is why wise people…come to the logical conclusion that there is no God at all.”

Martin Luther, Sermon 8 after Trinity; Torgau, 1531; quoted in Hans Urs von Balthasar, The Glory of the Lord, volume 1, p. 47.

It isn't for lack of demonstrable proof that men reject the existence of God, nor is it on account of a preponderance of the same that they believe in and confess Christ as Lord.



  1. That's one of my all-time favorite quotes. Glad you liked it, and glad you like the blog. I'm not posting as much as I used to, since I've been in the process of going to seminary, but I hope to continue for the near future at least.

  2. It is a good one; thanks for sharing it. Yes, I do enjoy your blog. I certainly understand busyness precluding frequent posting, but I'm sure that I'll enjoy whatever you do find time to submit.

    Did you find my blog with a trackback?