Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Buffet About

                                         for this guy:

His dark brown leather boat shoes
Aren't old enough to be cool.
He wears a screen-print tee that
Remembers Margaritaville and kindly
Reminds us lookers-on that
It's five o'clock somewhere.

Five-day beard, cargo-shorts and
A ball-cap that enjoins us to "live simply."
Black Mercedes S-class? Unexpected.
I'd like to salute him, and salute his kind, too:
The good old boys who probably drink
Whiskey and rye, who don't want the music to die.

(I'd like to apologize, too, for the profile
He just now inspired while walking by,
Pit-stopping for a cup of

Though my shutter flicks slower than a camera's,
And my words are fewer than its thousand,
This stenograph is just as much a snapshot,
Maybe just as little. Judging from what I know,
And what I don't, I'd say he'll do just fine.
Come five o'clock, he'll be somewhere else.


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