Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lux Cordelianis

A tribute to William Shakespeare, George Herbert, and Werner Heisenberg -- three guys I'd like to grab a few pints with. All of us together at one bar! I think that would be great.

Lux Cordelianis

Oh, that I could heave
This goldenrod patch
Of waves (and particles?)
Into hertz and decibels
So free of my mom's side's
Vibrato that anyone
Could have said it,
Heard it, known it.

But the polysyllabic droning
Of a mendicant synesthesiac
Can no more dream a heaven
Into your philosophy (or mine)
Than could dear, poor Ophelia
Heave her heart into her mouth.


  1. Very NICE! I love the phrase "mendicant synesthesiac." The second part of that poem is SO great. I can't even think of good words to tell you how great it is.

    So, what's with the recent dabbling in strange sciences? Reading anything interesting?