Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I have to deal with three days a week

From America: Land that I Love, A Beka Book's fundamentalist history of the United States:

"By the early 1700s, the American colonies had grown from a small band of God-fearing settlers into an industrious society full of energy and potential. But as their love for God declined, the colonists began to reject that which had made them great. In His providential mercy, God sent revival to America, giving the colonists the strong moral base they would need to guide them through the difficult years ahead. During the Great Awakening, God raised up men to bring spiritual fire to the American people, giving them a solid foundation on which to build a new nation. The French and Indian War brought further unity to the colonies, as men united to defend their homes and proved that they were willing to sacrifice for their heritage of religious and political freedom.

"Because all men have a sinful nature, societies fall into states of spiritual decline. By the 18th century, many churches in America failed to preach the gospel, and consequently many church members -- even ministers -- remained unconverted. These people attended church and practiced a cold, formalistic Christianity but had never accepted Christ as personal Savior. Others, though born again, lacked spiritual zeal. Colleges that had been founded to prepare ministers to preach the gospel began to contribute to the spiritual deadness. The land desperately needed revival."

Because God is looking out for the United States -- even when there are no United States, yet -- and has entered into a covenantal relationship therewith through the Passion, death and resurrection of His Son in order to deliver the citizens thereof from sin, death and the devil. Their beatification is foreordained, unto ages of ages...

Or was that the Church, and her members, that I was thinking of?

Oh, for a return to a right division between the City of God and the City of Man.


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