Friday, December 17, 2010

Posting FROM THE SKY!!!

"Internet on a plane?? Well bless my soul
if that isn't the most gosh-darned thing
I EVER did hear!"
I need to do this, just so I can say that I did.

It's kind of neato, if you think about it. Yeah, I know that this sort of facile gawking at technology is exactly the type of thing that I am wont to ridicule.

In other news, I just traded seats with a guy who's seven feet tall. The flight attendant asked if any of us with exit-row seats would be willing to take an aisle-seat instead. Not knowing the reason, I said yes; however, as I walk towards my new seat, this sycamore of a man sort of unfolds himself from his spot (let's face it -- normally-sized people aren't exactly lounging spread-eagle in airplane seats) and lumbers down the aisle. "You're the man," he says.

He offered to buy me a drink. Tempting, as rum-and-coke in the sky is a guilty pleasure of mine, but it seems a bit early in the day, and my stomach is rather empty. I think I'll opt for the cheese-plate instead.

Well, this concludes my gratuitous airborne post. If you haven't checked out Louis C.K.'s spot on David Letterman, you should. The whole thing is hilarious, but there's an especially great bit about internet in airplanes.


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  1. That video is great and this post is hilarious-- you're the man! Enjoy home!